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Monday, January 5th, 2009
11:16 pm
A Parody of Teenagers by My Chemical Romance.

This is kind of different than my other vids, but I was itching to make one, I suppose.

If you liked the parody, check out all my other ones here:

11:15 pm
Ok, so mucho thanks go to my bb QuinnsCousin for Adobe tutorials (that's right, the first non msPaint video!) and her amazing ability to keep a secret! XD

Made because, as my crazy friends can assure you, I've been obsessed with TomStur for a long time. And the creeper-ness was the perfect excuse to make a video!

You never know where or when he might pop up! (TWSS)

11:13 pm
Because Pattz Was High
darn that boy, he's always making excuses...

11:12 pm
Pattz Rap
Combine Jay & Silent Bob and RPattz and this is what you get.


Rpattz...behind the scenes XD

11:08 pm
The Rpattz Touch
Made as a project for Rpattz's 22nd birthday (all the cool people are 22!). One of my favorite songs of all time- how could you not love it! Not for the faint of heart!! All the images were macro'd by me except for two manips, the one of Pattzy and Kstew on the bed and the 'marry me' one.

11:06 pm
Confederate Jack!sper shall rise again!
Based on a Series of macros I made for twilight_macros way back in the day...

11:03 pm
Cullen Island
A Macroesque movie of Cullen Island, Twilight Characters if they were on Gilligan's Island! =D

This was my first ever Twilight video....

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